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After that you will be able to print it. Where can I find the written pattern, not the chart. I have a new great grand child coming. Please help me. The written pattern is ready.

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Please let me know if I could help you with something else. Thank you so much. I appreciate you. Love your blanket. Will let you know the outcome. Beautiful blanket!! I love your tutorials! I am unsure of the amount of yarn needed for the blanket. Do you need gram total of number 4 yarn medium weight? What are the dimensions of your baby blanket? Thanks so much! Yes, you need gram total of number 4 yarn. Happy to help. Feel free to ask if you have other questions! Thank you so much for the pattern.

In your design, does every corner have roses, or just one? I realize we can do what we want, but just wondering how you did yours. Beautiful blanket. For the border s , how many stitches should there be for the sets of 5 rows? I want to make sure I have an even number of SC for each side.

Thank you! Faulty link.

Thank you. In the border directions, should the blanket be turned after each row round or not turn and continue on the right side of the blanket? Hope all this makes.

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I look forward to making it. There is a slip stitch in the end of the row. In the row 2 of border 2 you should crochet: 3 ch cost as 1 dc , 1 ch, 1 dc, 1 ch, and 1 dc into 1 chain. Help please.. HELP pleas. Thank you very much for providing is with this pattern. Could you add the leaf pattern? Your blanket is beautiful. Thank-you for all the instructions. Is this just for the main blanket or does this include borders and flowers? Love your pattern. Am trying to figure out the leaves.

When I try to enlarge it on the graph it blurs. Only able to make out size. The printed pattern only has instructions for the flowers. Thank you for sharing the pattern…. How many flowers are on yours? What is the correct foundation row please. I have another grand daughter on the way. Can I use 3 light yarn which requires a 4mm hook? Thank you for your help. On the picture it looks like there are leaves by the flowers?

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Is that accurate? If so, is there a pattern for the leaves? Hi Thanks Sure you can use them. The size of the hook will make a different pattern thickness. All rights reserved. Content on MyCrochetPattern.

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