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With that said, Hopalong Cassidy is a dated work in a period when the rampant use of racial slurs and jargons, was the norm. Contextualized for its period, Hopalong Cassidy has been filled with a vivid painting of what life may have been in the western world and many fascinating characters.

Hopalong Cassidy has all the things that readers may want from a highly entertaining western novel such as mayhem, violence, half-broken horses and heroes who treat women the way they should be treated. In this installment author, Clarence E. Mulford introduces the readers to Buck Peters, who places everything that he owns in the hands of Bar Bucks Peters believed that he could make, a go for it.

Furthermore, he also fell in love with the gang of buffalo hunters. However, as Bucks eventually comes to realize is that both his life and cattle were on the line.

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With that said, the Coming of Cassidy is an extremely rip-snorting and hilarious Western adventure, which is light on romance and heavy on adventure. The Coming of Cassidy can be used as a social study as well because it is filled with scorning realism. The book has been set in a period when the Irish were a discriminated and scorned race. It is extremely interesting to see how the main characters reacted to the discrimination.

Instead of constantly complaining about how they should be treated, the main characters man up and in turn earn their respect from the people around them.

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The protagonists did not require the involvement of the government as well as the discrimination laws to ensure a smooth life. As it is the case with a majority of the books that were set during this time period, The Coming of Cassidy has been filled with stereotypes and references, which will undeniably be somewhat offensive to some readers. Nonetheless, the book The Coming of Cassidy is true to the period that it was set.

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Despite the fact that the dialogue was extremely ungrammatical, it was still the general style of the Victorian era. All the characters in the Coming of Cassidy were quite realistic and were not developed into some sort of super heroes. With that said, despite the fact that the Coming of Cassidy was broken up into various short stories, it is still a great book. The Coming of Cassidy is highly recommended to lovers of the old Western mysteries.

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Hoppy could stand or die. He had no other choice. None at all. Bar Days A Hopalong Cassidy western. The Coming of Cassidy and the Others Excellent stories of the early eighteen-seventies when the buffalo were going and the cattle were coming. Then the cow man and the cayuse and the pinto, and the coyote were familiar creatures, and wild jests were played, and feuds were fought to the end, and Mr.

Mulford has stories of both, jests and feuds, and a very interesting book is the result.