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Build a city of skyscrapers—one synonym at a time. Definition of white lie.

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Get Word of the Day daily email! I wouldn't be able to pass it off anymore. First day of class we are all sitting there chatting and she greets me by name, again. I had finally learned her name from attendance, thank God. Someone asks, finally, "oh, so do you two know each other? Where'd you meet? I stare at her. She stares at me. Finally she breaks down wailing. I don't know, okay, we've just been waving at each other for two years and it was too late to ask!

Mselaneous Report.

He was a paraplegic and didn't get out much or have many visitors. He offered me a cup of coffee one morning, but I didn't know him very well yet and was uneasy about drinking something out of unknown person's kitchen. Plus, we are really not supposed to, but I could tell he just needed a little company.

One Little Lie

I told him I drink it black to keep it simple, never planning to have another cup. Next day, I come in and notice a little sticky note on his counter that said "Remember to make fresh pot of coffee for Rachael". It was so touching to me that I went early every single appointment from that day forward to have a cup of black coffee. I hate black coffee but I felt it was too late to tell him I liked creamer after all. I drank black coffee with him for 3. I was a simple retail employee, basically been doing it since I got out of highschool.

Made the old college try but ended up not pursuing anything more than an AA. I worked with a lot of people I really liked and admired for one thing or another and I just wanted to fit in with them. Compared to the stories they told I always felt like I had done nothing with my life or time. One slow day stories are being exchanged and the conversation rolls back to me so I blurted out that I was a photographer in my off time and went on a long history about my years in photography with film and my own dark rooms.

I told countless lies about the difficulty of transitioning from film to digital but still kept my old film cameras for certain types of shots. I fucked up. Of course everyone wanted to see my work, I weaseled and told them I would bring stuff in but of course had nothing to show. That night after work I went to bestbuy and maxed out my credit cards to get a lot of camera equipment, indent on a tirade of learning everything I could, signed up for community college courses on every type of photography I could sign up for.

All so I could hide the mountain of shame I created. I started taking pictures every morning at dawn and every evening I could get out of work before sunset. I worked as an assistant to a wedding photographer for free for 3 months on top of all that to fill out a portfolio that hadn't existed up to this point. Everyone was so happy looking at my work that I couldn't bring myself to stop! I kept at it; I hiked trails that I didn't think I could hike just to get that perfect hard to find view of a sunrise the next day, I started doing weddings and parties by myself for free to capture the perfect picture out of thousands so I could show it off, I started traveling the world so I could validate the photography adventures I told stories of.

It's been a spiraling mountain of lies, but at the end of the day I discovered my love of photography through them and now it's my whole career. Three hundred sixty-five days a year and I have never been happier! ShammySL Report. I knew she did, so I told her "Yeah that's great! She buys creamy peanut butter, I buy creamy peanut butter. About 3 years ago, she's doing some experiment or something with our daughter and she needed chunky peanut butter. I saw it in the pantry and exclaim "Oh chunky peanut butter, I love this stuff! You do? I've been buying Creamy peanut butter all these years because you told me that was your favorite" So long story a little shorter, we both prefer chunky peanut butter by a large margin, but had been buying creamy for ten years because we both thought it was what the other preferred.

Reading that back, we're pretty boring people. SSChicken Report. I told my parents i bought a duck when I was 20 to tease them. I found a picture online of one and sent it to them. Sadly, they believed me. They got overly excited about their "grand-duck" and told my whole family. I ended up buying a duck ThePolishFish Report. I was homeless, sleeping under a bridge in charlotte near the music factory. I needed a job so I dressed as best I could, which wasn't very well, walked into a bar on 7th and lied about my work experience. They gave me the job , I started working that day. They paid me cash after every shift.

I worked there for three years, became the manager, and now I love cooking. Never cooked a day in my life up till that point. A lady, in her 50s,who was acting as the kitchen manager trained me. She knew I lied, but she also knew I was in trouble. I couldn't even cut a tomato. She saved my life. She didn't tell anyone and kept training me even though sometimes I'd piss her off but I always tried to do better. I got an apartment a month into the job using another cook to call the apartment and let them know how much I get paid cause they wanted that for some reason.

I worked as a line cook immediately. It was overwhelming. I'm not from the city and the work was fast paced. I would study on my time off by watching youtube and cooking at home. I was looking for a job and I didn't want to be a fast food manager anymore so I fluffed out my resume with computer skills I didn't have. I was contacted by a recruiter who asked me some questions to gauge my abilities and I straight googled the answers as he was asking them.

When I went to the interview, the boss had all of these circuit boards sitting all over his desk. I recognized them as Raspberry pis from Reddit. So I asked what he was using them for. The rest of the interview was just this guy bragging about all of these projects he had going on. He might as well have been speaking Greek. I just feigned interest and said wow a lot. I'm hired. Who knows how this shit happened but I have literally googled every problem I have been given.

Day , they still think I know what I'm doing. I'm making 1. I have a GED for christsakes. I have one. A good friend of mine did not have an umbrella on a very rainy day. One of her coworkers offered her a lift home. One lift home turned into two, then three, until he was shuttling her to and from work everyday for months. This coworker is also a very good baker, he would make these lovely cakes and pastries and offer them to her which she politely took, every day. Then one afternoon, on her way home, he stops and picks up his parents.

He happily introduces her as his girlfriend. She was shocked by this title to say the least. His parents, they were so nice, she accepted because she didn't have the heart to embarrass the guy. She went to the gathering, met with other family members and he kept introducing her as his girlfriend.

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She never worked up the nerve to correct or stop him. Long story short they are now married. Oh my gosh, if this is true than I fear for their future I seriously hope she's learned to love him back at least?? Not me but my Dad. We moved and he was convinced the postman's name was 'Ger' as in short for Gerry. He greeted him by it, nearly every day for about 10 years. We even gave him a Christmas card which he displayed down in the sorting office.

Fast forward and we have a temporary post man, my Mum asking him after a few weeks 'When is Ger coming back? No one works in the locality by that name' Turns out, his name is Declan and he was too nice to correct my Dad for close to a decade. I didn't want to go to dinner with the gang from work, including my boss, so I told them I was having dinner with my wife and her parents.

I lied. I get home, wife wants to go out to dinner. So, we head to the restaurant, and just as we're getting near the door, I see the work gang with my loudmouth boss all piling out of their cars. What are odds of us picking the same restaurant? There was an old couple walking into the restaurant in front of us. I held the door for them, and insisted they join us for dinner.

They were quite perplexed, but accepted my offer of a free dinner. It was the most uncomfortable dinner ever. They had no clue who we were, none of us had any shared interests Told a small lie to a girl I was texting that I love running, dunno how it sold because I was fat. Started running the second after I sent that. Not bad. This is one that doesn't bother me. I had a coworker with memory issues or dementia and he called me Kevin once in awhile, not my name obviously.

It made me laugh and one of my coworkers started calling me Kevin and telling new employees that's my name. This was 3 years ago and it is still going. So I would yell downstairs, "Kevin, is Kevin down there? My son told his best friend, and they started calling each other Kevin. Now when I see my son's friend I call him Kevin. When she died at the age of 92, we discovered the truth, but the "real" name was already written on the tombstone My father, who probably had some doubts about my choice, arranged for me to spend a week in a civil engineering office owned my a friend of his.

I spent a week there and definitely knew one thing afterwards - that I did not want to become a Civil Engineer! He says: "Hey, CHF, how are you? Still planning on becoming a Civil Engineer? Computer Science" The 1st lie He says: "That's great. A career for the future. A few weeks later, while I'm actually sitting my final school exams, he calls me and says "Hey, CHF, I'm starting a computer company, would you like to join?

We'll pay your University and you work all your spare hours for us. Because of my lies I ended up studying Computer Science in a top University and getting a great degree and postgrad degree while earning a full income on the side this was the 80s. But the silver-lining was that I actually fell into a career that I absolutely love and never want to quit. Forty years later I still get enthusiastic about interesting new technologies and have created two successful I. I'm actually in the process of creating another this month.

Clients and developers that work with me respect my opinions and are very often surprised at how I stay on top of the technology trends. But what I really derive my career satisfaction from is knowing that there are millions of people out there using software that I designed and wrote every day. One time when I was 17, I was hanging out at my then-girlfriend's house with her and her little sister.

Little sister was watching Spongebob and they jumped up to go in the other room leaving me along to watch TV. Being polite, I didn't change the channel. I'm I hate that sponge. In 4th grade I lied and said I was going to a track meet to impress some friends in class when the teacher asked if anyone was going. I went home and told my mom I needed to sign up for it. I was never good at athletics at this time in my life.

I ended up going to the track meet, it was a m race I was entered in, I remember the moment the gun went off I immediately went into a mode I had never remotely gone into before, I was actually ultra competitive for once in my life. I was neck and neck with another kid for the first place spot the entire race, and going into the final stretch I felt like puking and every fiber of my body was burning and he was pulling away.

That race qualified me for a regional meet, I did that one and won again in similar fashion, then went to the state meet and got my ass handed to me. That started me down a long line of running long distance which involved being one of the best in the nation in high school and getting a scholarship to run in college, and trust me the training at that level consumes your life mile weeks , so it was definitely my life at that point. This is pretty harmless but when I first met my boyfriend he was telling me about his Star Wars Lego collection and I, being polite, said something like "Oh Wow, I love Lego.

This was about 5 years ago and I think adult Lego was just becoming a really big thing, with the Creator houses and modular sets. Anyway, he took this comment and ran with it, as all the little gifts he bought me for the first few years of our relationship were Lego based. A little cottage set, pretty cute. A rebuildable calendar, practical and cute. A house that's a pen holder, I'm ok with that. I would photograph the completed sets and put them on instagram and then other people started buying me Lego sets and minifigures. And before I knew it my entire living room was basically Lego.

I did admit to my boyfriend last year that I wasn't as into Lego as everyone assumed - people send me links to the newest products and anything even remotely Lego based on Facebook. He knew, but enjoyed building sets with me anyway and I seemed to have fun doing it. Which I did. But at some point I just sat on my couch and looked at all these plastic bricks that I was surrounded with and asked myself how this even happened.

That is an ironic story! One lie equals one brick. In no time all of your lies have built up a house full. Wasn't a drinker in high school so to shut down peer pressure I told them I was born with half a liver and drinking anything could make me very sick or kill me. The lie just became natural and followed me to college. Was out with some friends playing pool and decided to have a beer. When I came back, a buddy slapped it out of my hand thinking I was suicidal. Then the explanations began I was really desperate for an A on my final project for Chinese so I asked my mom who's a native speaker for help.

Well it worked, the teacher was impressed and I got the grade I wanted I end up studying for hours every day while asking my mom to help with my homework for months. Eventually my Chinese got to a point where my mom would look at it and almost always confirm that it was correct and not grammatically awkward.

So yeah. Learned a language to cover up cheating on a single project the year prior. Pieecake Report. Asking for help from a native speaker isn't really cheating IMO. Plus, if it was your mom, it's probably not like she was OK just writing the whole thing and you taking credit for it. My husband works as a data analyst and codes programs and apps for the business side of the company. Once they make an app, it needs an icon to go along with it when it launches.

They usually use the company designer, but one day one of his co-workers submitted an icon design for their new app one my husband had worked on and others followed. People kept submitting art, so they made it a contest no prize, just glory. When he got home, he told me about it and then asked if I was interested in joining.

That night I did a quick design, he fell in love with it, and asked me to finish it so he could submit it. So I did Time passed, my drawing won, and they made it the app icon. Eveything was great, until the day his team was in a meeting with the company VP. The VP had heard about the icon competition and asked who had submitted the winning app icon.

One of my husband's co-workers quickly called out his name before he could say anything. The VP was impressed and then said that he deserved a reward money reward for his work. Surprised and too embarrassed to correct the VP, my husband just stayed quiet. Not denying the information made everyone believe he was the artist. He doesn't have an artistic bone in his body. When he got home, he told me the story and gave me the money for my work.

But first, let’s be honest — everyone lies

I thought it would end there When their next app was ready for launch someone asked him to make an icon for them because they loved his previous design. He could have put an end to the misinformation then but he was too embrassed, so he said yes. He got home and asked me to make the icon, he even said he would pay me. I found the situation hilarious so, after laughing at him, I agreed This has gone on for a while about 3 years , I have made about 5 icons for the company under my husband's name.

He has been pretty dedicated to keeping up the lie all these years. He has asked me about my process of thought when I draw, so he can tell his co-workers about his method. He asked me about my tablet and the program I use. He brain storms about the drawings with his co-workers and tells me what they want.

How Lying Changes Your Brain In Just A Short Period Of Time | HuffPost Life

And when I'm too busy to draw, he tells his co-workers how HE is too busy to draw. By now it's our little secret and it has turned into an inside joke. Right now I'm supposed to draw a new icon but I have been so busy that I haven't had time. So when I see him playing games or chilling on the couch I tease him by saying, "Shouldn't you be drawing right now? EmLockette Report. I think it's awesome that you are being such a good sport about this situation! I'm disabled. I use two crutches to walk. When I'm not actually hobbling along it's one of those disabilities that can be mistaken for just having a broken leg or something.

People frequently ask me "What did I do to need those crutches? She was drunk and thought it was hilarious.

bülow - Sweet Little Lies

I thought it was clear that I was completely obviously joking. There is no sane way I could have been serious. About three hours later I'm at the student union. Gareth Gates is singing that one off pop Idol I'm trying to take a picture of him, and I hear two girls in front of me: "Do you know why he's got those? I've never met her before in my life, but she knows me already as the guy who got attacked by a bear. At Christmas I head home, only a couple of hours away and meet up with some friends for drinks.

Turabbo Report. In college my roommate and I had a KFC taco bell right by our apartment. We would go once or twice a week. One time we ordered and the drive through guy said "hey bro, you're - i remember your car! Anyway, he ends up giving us our order to for free. From that day on, everytime we went to the taco bell - kfc, we got free food. He would even tell his coworkers to give us free food and would throw in comments like - "you remember steve, he was a real asshole".

I would agree and then accept my food. My roommate also apparently started getting free food even when I wasn't there because he recognized him. Doppleganger me must of been a super nice guy, because I got a lot of love. I lived that wonderful lie for roughly years to get the free gorditas and fried chicken. I even got a new friend on facebook. Worth it. Nostradonuts Report. I told people at my former American university that I was Canadian, to get them to stop talking to me about U.

I hate confrontation and didn't know how to just tell them that political discussion makes me uncomfortable. Now I live in Canada and attend a Canadian university. I'm working towards citizenship. KatiaSwift Report. I've been making EDM since I was 13, and in my senior year of High School I had the opportunity to play some of my music live with Ableton for my classmates at an event.

But, because I couldn't explain what I was doing in the space provided on the sign-up sheet I just put down "DJ", thinking that nobody would be knowledgeable enough to know the difference. Apparently everybody liked it so much that the prom committee asked me to DJ prom, and like an idiot I said yes. I waited for my birthday, and made sure that nobody got me any gifts-just money, which I spent on software and a Mixtrack Pro. I'm making decent money off of gigs now, and I do the prom every year. This comment is hidden. Click here to view. When I was little, my grandma would make me these horrible frozen chicken tenders filled with cheese.

They were just god-awful. Because I am a good grandson, I told her that I loved them. From then on, every time that I visited her, she would cook me those abominations. Even when I was in graduate school, I would go visit her and for one meal, I would have to slide those gross things down my gullet. Every time I would say, "Thanks! I love them! I was having a rough time commuting too far for work for a few months. Decided to quit to find something closer to home, but told everyone I had been approved to work from home. When I went to give my two weeks, my manager asked, "I know the driving has been killing you, how would you feel about working from home?

Geekprincessia Report. My upstairs neighbor called me Mark in a conversation but since that is not my name, I didn't realize she was actually referring to me so I didn't correct her. The second time she called me Mark it was from a distance as she was leaving her apartment and I was getting in; I registered that she thought my name was Mark but I felt it would be weird to shout back that my name is not Mark. The third time she did this I had a bunch of friends over on the stoop outside the apartment and I didn't want to correct her in front of a group of kids she's an older lady; we were in our early twenties because I didn't want to embarrass her.

All my friends looked confused that she was calling me Mark but after she went inside I explained to them I was too deep into it to correct her. They disagreed since she had only done it three times at that point. That was 7 years ago. I am Mark. When I was saying goodbye to my neighbor of 15 years, Gina, she simply said, "Gail. Buddy of mine shared this one. He told his wife's parents he liked their Christmas ham at the first family function he was invited to. They took that as he loved ham in general.

Ten years later it's the only food they have at any meal where it's him, wife and kids and the inlaws. They have dinner twice a month, it's always ham. They send him ham-centric gift baskets every year on his birthday at work. Every holiday it's ham, ham, ham, at every meal. They took a 3 hour detour last year to get a picture of some sign in Ham Lake MN or a postcard or something and thought he'd be so excited when they sent him the photo. It's like they only ever learned one fact about him and it was he likes ham.

At this point I'm not sure they remembered his name and heartily pat him on the back referring to him a their ham-loving son in law because they're too embarrassed to ask ten years in and employ complex, Leslie-Nielsen-level schemes to get someone to steal his wallet or get someone to say his name that always fail. He hates ham, always has, its too salty and makes his hands swell up so much his wedding ring can't be removed. His wife now hates ham. He was just being polite. We're attending a christening of their kid next weekend and I'll get to meat the inlaws in question.

I will be asking them if they love ham as much as he certainly does. I want to know if everyone in the family hates ham and they're all just smiling while dying on the inside at every meal, passing the ham with anger boiling like a pot of hot ham water just under surface. So yeah that's his life right now, forced to eat ham because he lied about liking ham and he's in too deep.

Popular thugs, if you can believe it. It was relentless. One day I was confronted by said thugs, basically talking shit about my brother, and in my infinite wisdom, I said I could box so they better back off. Something to that affect. Looking back, I cringe, but you do what you have to. Needless to say, they did not back off.

Somehow, I landed a punch on one of the kids that dislocated his jaw. Old Testament accounts of lying include: [61]. In the Day of Judgement, unrepentant liars will be punished in the lake of fire. From his text, it can be derived that St. Augustine divided lies into eight categories, listed in order of descending severity:. Despite distinguishing between lies according to their external severity, Augustine maintains in both treatises that all lies, defined precisely as the external communication of what one does not hold to be internally true, are categorically sinful and therefore ethically impermissible.

Augustine wrote that lies told in jest, or by someone who believes or opines the lie to be true are not, in fact, lies. The fourth of the five Buddhist precepts involves falsehood spoken or committed to by action. The fourth precept includes avoidance of lying and harmful speech. Zoroaster teaches that there are two powers in the universe; Asha , which is truth, order and that which is real, and Druj , which is "the Lie". Later on the Lie became personified as Angra Mainyu , a figure similar to the Christian Devil , who was portrayed as the eternal opponent of Ahura Mazda God. Herodotus , in his mid-5th century BC account of Persian residents of the Pontus , reports that Persian youths, from their fifth year to their twentieth year, were instructed in three things — "to ride a horse, to draw a bow, and to speak the Truth".

In Achaemenid Persia , the lie, drauga in Avestan: druj , is considered to be a cardinal sin , and it was punishable by death in some extreme cases. Tablets discovered by archaeologists in the s [81] at the site of Persepolis give us adequate evidence about the love and veneration for the culture of truth during the Achaemenian period. These tablets contain the names of ordinary Persians, mainly traders and warehouse-keepers.

It was Darius the Great who laid down the "ordinance of good regulations" during his reign. Darius' testimony about his constant battle against the Lie is found in the Behistun Inscription. He testifies: [84] "I was not a lie-follower, I was not a doer of wrong According to righteousness I conducted myself.

Neither to the weak or to the powerful did I do wrong. The man who cooperated with my house, him I rewarded well; who so did injury, him I punished well. He asks Ahuramazda , the God, to protect the country from "a hostile army, from famine, from the Lie". Darius had his hands full dealing with large-scale rebellion which broke out throughout the empire.

After fighting successfully with nine traitors in a year, Darius records his battles against them for posterity and tells us how it was the lie that made them rebel against the empire. At the Behistun inscription, Darius says:. Then advice to his son Xerxes , who is to succeed him as the great king:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Lie disambiguation. For other uses, see Liar disambiguation. Main article: Lie detection. Oxford University Press. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. International Journal of Applied Philosophy. The Oxford Handbook of Lying.

Retrieved Princeton, N. Patterns for College Writing 11th ed. Spring Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology. The Face of Lies. Mother Jones. Close Encounters: Communication in Relationships 2nd ed. Los Angeles: Sage Publications. Accessed 4 December June 1, Scott October Retrieved 8 August Legal and Criminology Psychology.

Bloomington, IN: iUniverse. Developmental Science. March Bott; John Patrick; Michael B. Lewis April 3, Bibcode : PLoSO Accessed November 27, Archived from the original on Sagarin, Kelton v. Rhoads, Robert B. Commonweal Magazine : Retrieved 7 July Ohio Department of Natural Resources. December 29, Retrieved January 3, Shelton tr. Cervantes' Don Quixote ii. Love and warre are all one. It is lawfull to use sleights and stratagems to attaine the wished end.

Psychology Today. The neurobiological basis of deceptive behaviour". Predictive validity of the perceived ability to deceive PATD scale". Personality and Individual Differences. Deferrari, Roy J. Treatises on various subjects. Translated by Mary Sarah Muldowney 1st pbk. Augustin: On the Holy Trinity. Doctrinal treatises. Moral treatises. The Christian Literature Company.