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I found it a bit strange to start a question with a criteria of 2 books. Every book mentioned in your list is money well spent. You won't regret to buy them all. Besides, the Stanford course videos is also good for beginners, not a book though. If you really want to nail it down to two books leave off "Learn C", because you might only really need C, when you start diving deeper into Core Foundation. I do not know Kochans Objective-C book, so I can't compare, but coming from a different language you should really have a book about only Objective-C.

The introductionary chapters in some iPhone books may be sufficient to get you starting, but to advance you'll need to know about all the possibilities of the language. I personally would not suggest "The iPhone Developer's Cookbook" by Erica Sadun to learn coding for iPhone, although I use it as quick reference quite sometimes. At least, buy Hillegass's book.

I haven't seen the iPhone one; the one for OS X is just fantastic. Many others are good too. If you could buy two books on iOS development, which ones would you choose? Kochan's Objective-C book. Hilleglass' Cocoa book. The pragmatic programmers iPhone SDK development book.

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Community wiki, please. Belongs on programmers. Kochan C - primitives, structs, etc. Awesome books!

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Kochan's book is quite rudimentary and Erica provides amazing library of sample code, so absolutely. I'm pretty fluent with objective-c now. Having more then a couple of books is always a good thing RMatthews RMatthews 3 3 silver badges 7 7 bronze badges.

Formatting dates. Formatting numbers. Importing images. Saving preferences with NSUserDefaults. Retrieving preferences with NSUserDefaults. Adding a password to KeyChain. Retrieving a password from KeyChain. Accessing the Address Book. Adding an event to iCal.

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  • The Objective-C Programming Language.
  • The Hopscotch Game (Ninjanimals Kidz Stories Book 4);
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  • Drawing in your custom view. Using your custom view in Interface Builder. Handling mouse events in your view. Handling keyboard events in your view. Drawing strings with attributes. Interpreting the pinch gesture. Interpreting the swipe gesture. Interpreting the rotate gesture. Handling special keys. Working with NSResponder. Application-wide notifications with NotificationCenter. Understanding the CALayer class. Animation by changing properties.

    Using animation to swap views. Using the flip animation. Using a CAAnimationGroup. Using Keyframe animations. Using CAMediaTiming in animations. Using blocks. Switching compilers. Create your own framework. Using garbage collection. Fast enumeration. Declared properties. The Singleton design pattern. The Factory design pattern.


    Using delegation in your own classes. Using an NSTimer for periodic events. Working with Key-Value Coding. Using operators with Key Value Paths. Using NSAutoreleasePool. Using special environment variables. Using Instruments for performance. Handling exceptions. Knowing when you are being debugged.

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    Using Debugger and DebugStr. Using Build and Analyze in Xcode. Adding a Badge to your Dock icon. Adding a Menu to your Dock icon.

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    Creating a disk image for your application. Updating your application With Sparkle. Saving your class with NSKeyedArchiver. Loading your class with NSKeyedUnarchiver. Finding special folders. Basic XML parsing. Parsing JSON. Adding a hex encoding category to NSData. Adding a hex decoding category to NSString. Adding a Base64 encoding category to NSData. Adding a Base64 decoding category to NSString.


    Escaping a URL. Inserting a row with MySQL. Using prepared statements with MySQL. Selecting data using MySQL.

    Inserting a row with SQLite. Using prepared statements with SQLite. Selecting rows using SQLite. Playing movies with QuickTime. Playing an audio file. Using a Core Image filter. Alongside essential recipes for working with databases and debugging you will also find fun recipes covering animation and multimedia. : Cocoa and Objective-C Cookbook () : Jeff Hawkins : Books

    Written in a cookbook style, this book offers solutions using a recipe-based approach. Each recipe contains step-by-step instructions followed by an analysis of what was done in each task and other useful information. The cookbook approach means you can dive into whatever recipes you want in no particular order. This book is perfect for the Mac OS X Cocoa developer who is ready to move beyond the basics and dive into more advanced Cocoa topics. The cookbook format lets you jump right into the examples without the lengthy explanations you often find in other books.