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A lot can happen in a week. How you spend that time can have a huge impact on how you look, feel, and the way you carry yourself throughout the day. Making the right choices can be difficult, but following a calendar is easy! So, here is your 7 Day Speed-Slimming Calendar that will walk you through every day of the week toward a better body. Three easy, tasty meals and two snacks provide all of the nutrients your body needs to burn fat and optimize metabolism. Your workout program incorporates high intensity interval training, steady-state cardio, resistance training, and metabolic circuits.

These work together in combination to tighten, tone, and slim your body. Your meal plan includes all the details about what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat it. It focuses on clean, whole foods that are easy to find and easy to prepare. Enjoy delicious, easy to follow recipes and meal and snack combos that will keep you satisfied, energized, and motivated. Just flip to the day and follow the diet and exercise plan. In just one week you will have successfully launched your journey towards a healthy, trim physique. Each day of the calendar gives you a new set of meals and a new training program.

You can work out any time that is convenient for you throughout the day. Follow each page of the calendar from the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep and you should start to see a slimmer, sleeker you just a week. Yes, but to get the maximum benefit out of any fat burning supplement you need to have your diet and training in check, it is after all, a supplement. It seems that your browser is little outdated, and may not be compatible with our website.

For us to serve you a better experience with our awesome website, please download one of the below browser. A list of the most popular web browsers can be found below, just click on the icons to get to the download page. We would like to extend a gesture of gratitude to the men and women who serve or who have served in the United States Military. Short term weight loss goals often result in long term defeat. You are going to baby step your way to forever trim. You dont need to wait until your circumstances are perfect before you start this new lifestyle. Your husband wont need a raise.

These foods are affordable. Since we both live on tight budgets, we understand if you have to go to three different grocery stores to find the cheapest prices on items like cheese and produce. It wont be necessary to belong to a co-op or live next door to a Whole Foods Market. Youll find a good majority of the foods you need at your local supermarket or three, if you care about the best values. You wont have to join a gym or buy expensive workout equipment. Of course, we believe in exercise. But, lets make it quick and efficient so we can get it over with.

Best of all, you wont even have to possess a lot of self control. Youll never come away from a meal hungry. Neither will you have to constantly count calories and fat grams or weigh food. These practices are far too dull, and in our opinion, lead to obsession. Also, low-fat diets make you fat and depressed. Youll find out why. It moulds easily to all personalities. Its not only for women who are able to resist junk food and naturally have a lot of will power. You dont have to be a scratch cook or a granola mom.

In fact, if food is your weakness, thats okay. If youre the indulgent type, its a good thing, because many of the meals we want you to eat are designed to be just thatindulgent. We want to help you customize your own way of eating that works for you and your family. We dont agree with stringent food programs you can never vary. As sisters, we have very different personalities.

Our households run differently, and while our core eating philosophy is the same, were not identical twins when it comes to food. We both share a passion for nutrition. We admit it. Sometimes we engage in sisterly argument youll get a taste of this in chapters to come. But, this tends to help us keep a balanced point of view. Serene is much more of a food purist and always comes from the angle of what produces optimum health and nutrition. She, and her family, like spicy exotic foods and take an unconventional approach to eating.

Pearl likes to figure out shortcuts, is only interested in what is easy and practical, using sneaky little tools to make everyday American-style food without their usual negative effects on health. Our vastly different approaches will show you that you dont have to be a certain type to attain health and a sleek waistline. We will offer you our varying opinions and choices on menu ideas so you can implement them to fit your own lifestyle. We also think specific diets for each individual in the family, such as blood type diets, are neither practical nor scientifically sound.

You cant cook four separate meals at supper time to keep everybody in the family happy. Remember, the food groups God created are good for all of us. Tangents are outta here! Obviously, some folk have real allergies to certain foods, but youll still have plenty to eat. Gluten intolerant people will find plenty of wheat alternatives in our recipes. First Page to Last This book has been a drawn out four year project, now trickling into the fifth year We could not keep up with all the emails and calls as our sanity style approach of feeding mamas and families trickled out and passed on by word of mouth.

Things took on a life of their own and we knew a book was necessary. We wanted to write the majority of it together, but the busyness of life and family commitments did not always allow time to make that to happen. Since we both homeschool, we had to rely on summer breaks to get the bulk of this book completed. Whenever we did manage to get together at the computer, it also meant our combined 13 children were with us. If you picture a house full of children bouncing off the walls and generally creating an atmosphere not conducive to academic thought, youd be right.

Our brain space was more like, Must wipe baby poop off living room floor, must run and get sharp stick off five-year-old whos now jumping on trampoline with six year old cousinUh oh, also with stick, must stop toddler from feeding baby marbles, and must pull two wrestling boys apart before bleeding noses occur!

Get the picture? If there is even one grammatically correct sentence, well count it a miracle. Some of you have been waiting years for this book. Thank you for your patience. Forget formality. We figured attempting to pass ourselves off as professionals would drive us crazy and you, too.

We are what we are, stay at home moms who are passionate about doing our best for our own health and the health of our families. We have no PhDs or any other. We are chatting to you as if you are in our living room with us. Welcome to the inner circle of our liveschaos and all. We can bet your living room is probably a lot like ours most days, and we doubt youre living a life of leisure either. Lets sit down together, forget pretention, and talk, even with crazy stuff happening all around! Keeping it real has been the only way for us to write and maintain our sanity.

This book is our way of passing along ideas that actually work, even amidst hectic lifestyles. If we have found a way to implement these truths into our busy and often chaotic lives, you can too. Yes, its a big book, but please dont let that overwhelm youa large chunk of it is recipes.

We share them in a more unconventional recipe style. We want to include all the nitty gritty details about our recipes that make them really work and chat about ways to tweak them. Thats the way we share recipes between ourselves. Its tacked on the end, but weve written life-changing goodies there for you, too.

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Dont Say We didnt Warn You Come on in and enjoy our frank sometimes overly frank sisterly discussions. Sisters, you know, can get pretty blunt. Lets just say, although we attempted good behavior, we didnt always manage to stay perfectly polite. Forgive us for that in advance. We started out with our best manners, but things sort of went downhill the longer we were together and sisterhood silliness got the better of us.

You can do this with us! You can naturally find your trim, and then keep your trim. We are going to walk you through it all and have a little fun on the way. Thats what we do when were together. Scriptures that talk about the womans body: Genesis , 14; ; ; ; 1 Samuel ; 2 Samuel ; ; 1 Kings ; Esther ; ; Job ; Song of Solomon throughout the whole book. O Lets clear away the clouds of confusion and bring on the blue skies of dietary freedom and truth. Which one are you? Maybe youll see yourself in a couple of these women. Or, like us, youve been on similar paths to almost all of them at one time or another.

Lets meet Jane. Jane is a homeschooling mother of five. She is interested in health and knows quite a bit about nutrition. She grinds her own wheat and bakes bread for her family. Her diet leans heavily on organic whole grains as her nutritional studies have taught her these are best for optimum health. Brown rice, oats, and whole wheat pasta are staples on her meal table. Shes even studied the benefits of ancient grains, using spelt and kamut in her baking. She eats her salads every day, but even more plentiful than greens in her diet is fruit.

She chooses fruit for snacks over refined or heavy foods. Jane loves to make banana based smoothies and has an array of dried fruits always at hand. Her husband loves potatoes and since they are a fat free, higher fiber vegetable, they are a popular side dish on the familys plate, including Janes.

She forgoes butter and sour cream, instead garnishing her baked potato with a little dribble of olive oil and salt free Mrs. Dash seasoning. Are her Treats Healthy? Like many homeschooling mothers, Jane likes to bake healthy treats with her older girls. They make whole grain muffins, cookies, and granola bars with honey, organic unrefined cane juice crystals, or even agave syrup instead of table sugar.

She has learned to cut back on oils in her baking by replacing them with apple sauce. Jane regularly indulges in these treats as she is certain every ingredient is healthy. No trans fats or preservatives for this woman! She freely pours pure, Grade A maple syrup on her homemade whole grain pancakes on Saturday morning, but she does not allow that same freedom with fats. She is especially fearful of saturated fats like red meat, butter, or too many egg yolks. Although she would not call herself a vegetarian, Jane has become creative in substituting some meat meals for more vegetable based proteins like legumes and soy.

She tries to get the whole family on board with her Meatless Mondays and Fridays idea. Theyre still complaining about it, however. When she does cook meat, Jane makes sure to use lean cuts only. She has also managed to cut back on cheese and often uses soy replacements on her whole grain sandwiches and in cooking. That took some getting used to, but she figures her familys health is worth it. Soy and rice milk have replaced regular milk on her organic raisin bran in the morning. Jane feels proud, that like the National food guidelines recommend, her diet is higher in fiber, whole grains, fruits and vegetables and lower in fat.

While Jane is careful not to eat refined foods, she will admit to a couple of weaknesses. One being corn chips, the blue organic kind, of course. Well, at least theyre whole grain and they make a great taco salad with beans and crumbled soy burger. She also allows herself one naughty treat a couple of nights a week when all the children are finally in bed and she has a moments peace. Pepperidge Farm chocolate chip cookies are a delicious indulgence, but only a couple.

How to Lose Weight with Type 1 Diabetes

Janes Dilemma For many years this type of diet worked well for Jane. She was able to maintain her figure after her first three babies, but lately, her size 10 clothes no longer fit. She cannot figure out why she is always bloated! Her diet is sufficiently high in fiber and constipation is not the problem.

Grains and Fruit Toot, Toot, Toot! No other way to put it delicately, its the gas! All this gas is becoming an embarrassing problem. Lately, this windy, and often painful, gastric issue has become so distressing that Jane is considering doing an expensive colon cleanse.

If she gets pregnant again there will be a reason for the pooch around her middle, but right now, a pinch test tells her its more than a bloated tummy. Theres a new thickness also. Why, when doing your Best? This is so frustrating for Jane. She has used a lot of self control and expertise for this sort of diet. Shes been very careful to keep it low in fat and high in complex carbohydrates as most current nutritionists advise. Why does her body feel like its wearing down? Her skin is drying out and showing other signs of aging. Where is the energy she once enjoyed?

In her recent physical checkup, she was surprised to find that her cholesterol was too high, including the dreaded LDL cholesterol. Her triglycerides were dangerously close to the top of the limit. She wonders how this is possible when she is very careful to avoid cholesterol laden foods. Recently, she even cut out her Pepperidge Farm cookies to see if that would make a difference to her struggling weight gain.

The scales hardly budged. Disappointed, Jane sought comfort by adding a third cookie to her ritual. After all, they obviously werent the problem. Her cravings for sweets are often alarmingly strong. Of course, knowing Jane, candy will not pass her lips, but she can finish off a few handfuls of dates or raisin trail mix and still crave for more.

Shes taken to making carob balls with dried fruit to help satisfy these cravings, but is left wondering whether she will ever be a size again. Dont worry, Jane, help is on the way. Weve been you. We understand the cravings since we spent several years eating that way. Yes, it did some damage, but God also gave food for our healing. Many of the problems you have now can be eliminated. Sugar is the Culprit! What Sugar? Jane would be surprised how her unrefined, whole grain diet easily escalates into more carbohydrates than her body can handle.

Its simple enough. Carbohydrates raise blood sugar or what is commonly known as glucose. You dont have to eat sugar to accumulate too much sugar in your blood. All forms of starchy carbohydrates result in a raised blood sugar level. Its true that some forms of carbs, like whole grains, take a little longer for the rise to occur than with refined grains, but it will happen. And while all whole grains contain more nutrients and fiber than their refined counterparts, some of them like whole grain pasta are not any gentler on levels of blood sugar.

If Jane took a blood sugar test after any one of her meals, she may be shocked at the high number and the damage it is doing to her body. Now please dont put this book down thinking were pushing another Atkins type diet. Constant low-carb diets like that go to extremes, and many who try them end up lowering their metabolism and overdoing certain food groups while eliminating others.

They also often end up calorie counting since our bodies always learn to get efficient at metabolizing the same food groups over and over. Who wants to end up counting calories as well as carbs? However, much can be learned from Dr. Atkins research.

The Diet Ebook Let's Get Trim

His science was mostly accurate. Severely restricting carbs does result in shedding pounds and his diet is certainly healthier than. But, carbohydrates are essential for well-rounded health. The trick is to eat the right ones in the right amounts. Well show you how to do it soon. We have to give Jane credence for the things shes doing right. Whole grains are certainly full of more nutrients than white or refined grains and a diet that is liberal in vegetables and fruits must be given its dues.

Kudos to Jane for this! She is not loading her body with chemicals and toxins from processed foods and she avoids harmful trans fats. Another cheer! Basic Physiology Janes problem lies in her imbalance. In the end, it is not only the quality of the foods that you eat, but the quantity. In high amounts, whole grains, even with their higher fiber levels can be deceivingly destructive to a slim waistline and a healthy mind and body.

Its all about proportions. To make up for the lack of fat and satisfying protein in her diet, Jane steers her diet in the complete opposite direction and relies too heavily on carbohydrates. They make up the bulk of her meals. Even though she may choose the healthiest of carbs like organic whole grains, when she indulges too heartily and she will need to in order to feel satisfied , they raise her blood sugar to the point where it is as detrimental as eating plain old junky white bread.

Janes blood is constantly overloaded with glucose, meal after meal. This is stored as fat, first as extra padding around the mid section. All that so-called whole grain goodness is the reason for the thickness she can now easily pinch around her middle. Who woulda thought it? Not Jane, but now shes going to get the download. Basic Physiology Any extra padding around the waistline is related to an excess of carbs, creating a problem with the hormone insulin. InsulinYour Friendly Neighborhood Delivery Truck Jane would be surprised to learn that eating fat doesnt make you fat.

Yes, you read correctly! You can eat lots of fat in a meal and not gain a pound. You can actually lose some of your own body fat if your fat filled meal is not eaten with sugars or starches which convert to glucose in the blood stream. Insulin is your storing hormone. It promotes the storage of nutrients in your body, which is good and necessary. But, when insulin is over secreted, it becomes a fat storing monster, and thats why it is notoriously known as the fat-promoting hormone of your body. Constantly creating excess insulin in your body meal after meal is the perfect way to get fat.

But, God didnt design your insulin hormone to fatten you up. It was designed to transport glucose, proteins, and fats out of your blood stream and into your cells so your body can use. Without insulin, the amino acids that protein contains would not be driven into your muscle cells where they are needed to make repairs. Fatty acids would not have a way out of the blood stream to nourish your skin, brain, and nervous system. Glucose would stay locked in the blood stream and could eventually lead to coma and death. The key is to ensure insulin works for your good, the way God intended, not to your detriment.

How do you get excess insulin? By eating excess carbs. Carbohydrates are the main food group that will stimulate a large insulin surge. The reason is that carbohydrates are converted to blood glucose much more quickly than fat and protein. That, in turn, causes rapid, large rises of insulin. Dietary fat has very little effect on insulin, but protein causes small to medium rises. The important difference between the way protein and carbs stimulate insulin is that protein also causes the body to release glucagon, a hormone that helps counteract the more hazardous sides of insulin.

Glucagon helps to halt insulins stimulation of fat synthesis. Animals in a laboratory setting that are given injections of pure glucagon fail to gain weight and reduce their food consumption. This is why protein is so important in every meal. We will drill this protein precept into you as the book continues. A carb heavy meal with little protein will cause insulin to surge ahead without the buffering effects of glucagon. Insulins most important job is the task of clearing elevated sugar from your blood.

Your body prefers your blood sugar to stay in a safe zone of about measured by a glucose monitor. Once your blood sugar bumps up above this threshold, insulin must go to work to bring it down again. It is like the truck that carries the sugar out of your blood stream and delivers it elsewhere. It cleans up and delivers after every meal you eat. Insulin has to do this because too high blood sugar for too long is fatal. Therefore, if your diet is very carb heavy, your pancreas will have no choice but to over-react and send out large amounts of insulin to take care of the big mess of excess sugar in your blood.

Its only doing this to keep you alive! Janes Average Lunch Lets say Jane eats a peanut butter and honey sandwich for lunch made from her whole wheat bread, maybe pretzels on the side, and a little fruit flavored, honey sweetened, low-fat yogurt for dessert. This meal doesnt look so bad at first glance, but it contains lots of starch and some sugar. Its highly possible that Janes post meal sugar levels will spike well into the s, maybe even higher. Out surges Janes insulin to the rescue. It loads up all the blood sugar it can manage, takes it out of the blood stream and offers it to her muscle cells for energy.

Job well done. But, red alert! Insulin cannot rest yet. Janes body just signaled that her blood sugar is still in the s. Not low enough yet, says her body. Uh, oh. The pancreas has no choice but to release more insulin to get that blood sugar down below Therefore, insulin has to haul off another load of blood sugar.

Back to the muscle cells it goes with a second delivery. But, now. Her muscle cells are full. They cannot accept any more glucose. Poor insulin has no choice but to drive over to the fat cells and load off the excess glucose to them. Fat cells dont say No thanks to glucose. It doesnt matter that a food may start its life as a carb. Once blood sugar is stored in a fat cell, it is no longer distinguishable as a carb. Abracadabra, it is now fat. This is how insulin makes you fat. Insulin doesnt make you fat because it is inherently evil, gleefully plumping you up to cackle at your suffering.

Eric Bandholz: An Advocate Of Men's Beards

It is forced to fatten you up due to the content of your meals. And, it doesnt work in a vacuum. It affects other hormones that when thrown off kilter make you fatter still. Highly elevated insulin, or what is known as hyperinsulinemia, goes hand in hand with a condition called hyperleptinemia. Together, they are a double whammy on your weight. Leptin is a very important hormone that tells your brain when you are full. Once leptin is thrown out of whack, you no longer know when to stop eating.

This hormone gets elevated in the blood stream just like insulin, but is unable to be received by the leptin receptors in your brain. Therefore, you feel compelled to keep on eating. Not good, right? What goes up must come down. Remember a sugar low always follows a sugar high.

This cycle constantly repeats itself in Janes body. That is why she feels tired in the afternoon and craves a banana muffin. Insulin had to work overtime. It had to make too many deliveries to finally get its job completed and clear Janes blood stream of the abundant sugar her grainbased diet causes.

However, the extra surges of insulin required for the task cleared things too well. Jane now suffers from a sugar low. Her blood sugar level is now significantly below the healthy range. Sugar lows are not great for the body either. Now Jane feels lethargic, slightly shaky, and quite grouchy. She often feels like she needs a pick-me-up banana based smoothie, sweetened with more honey, or a bowl of granola and vanilla flavored soy milk.

Is the picture becoming clearer? It is not only Pepsi and Snicker bars which create sugar highs and then lows. Even so-called healthy carbohydrates can be damaging if they take up too large a space in the diet. They must find their optimum place if long term health and weight management is to be achieved. When Jane eats her generous bowls of whole grain cereals, brown rice and beans, dried fruit snacks, or her three or four slices of home baked, whole wheat bread, she is unknowingly eating. Whole grains are necessary.

It would not be the right approach to throw them out and miss out on a whole food group that God made for our health, but Jane will have to learn to scale them back and let them work in harmony with other foods which she will learn to increase. Shes noticing the extra weight, because as we get older, we become more insulin resistant. Were sure youve heard that term before. The idea of insulin resistance can easily confuse people, especially if they already have the knowledge that insulin is our fat storing hormone.

They wonder, Why on earth do we get fatter in an insulin resistant state when insulin is supposed to be making us fat. Shouldnt resisting insulin be a good thing? More confusion! To clear this up, all you need to know is that it is only our muscle cells that become resistant to insulin.

If muscle cells stayed receptive to insulin, that would be fantastic as muscles burn glucose rather than store it as fat. But once they begin to resist insulin, fat cells have to take up the slack and receive the loads of blood sugar that our muscle cells used to be able to handle, but dont want anymore. Insulin resistance essentially means less glucose burning, more glucose storing. Two words: fat gain. It is rare for fat cells to ever develop this resistance issue, but some very skinny people do have fat cells that are more resistant to insulin than their muscle cells. Folk with this condition have the opposite problem to most of us and have trouble putting on enough weight.

Generally, most people have fat cells that stay highly insulin receptive and greedily gobble anything insulin has to offer them. Fat cells keep gobbling, getting larger since they dont burn fuel like muscles cells do. Unfortunately, as we age, it is only our muscle cells that become a lot fussier. High-carb intake over the years only makes this worse. Diana Schwarzbein, author of The Schwarzbein Principle, says on page By the time you are thirty years old, your cells do not utilize sugar as well as they did when you were younger; this is cellular aging.

What you have eaten and how you have lived your life will determine the actual age of your cells and therefore the health of your metabolism at any given time. When we are young, our muscle cells are open and ready to welcome the insulin truck with its load of blood sugar. Think of young cells like hungry baby birds in a nest with their mouths wide open to accept any food they can scarf down. As we age, these cells become less ready to accept the glucose that insulin offers us for energy.

They are simply not as hungry for it. You can use a similar visual image of the nest of birds to picture insulin resistant cells. These baby birdies would have mouths half open in a lackluster way, listless, and disinterested in wolfing down anything insulin has to offer.

Jane is simply not able to use the amount of blood sugar that she could in her youth. She is left with more and more leftover glucose in her bloodstream. This has to be removed. However, since all her muscle cells are already full from her last carb laden meal, it has only one place to go.

Guess where? You got it. It is stored as fat! Insulin enables carbs and sugars to magically turn into fat more easily as her cells age and become more insulin resistant. The kicker is that this state of insulin resistance causes the body to make even more insulin, which means the body will also consequently make more fat.

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  6. Its a vicious cycle. Its a worse state than having to store excess glucose as fat after a high-carb meal. The same kind of carb rich meal can cause an insulin resistant person to store twice the fat because the muscles refuse to receive as much of the glucose. The truck arrives at Janes cell loading zones, beeps, and gets ready to tip its sugar load. It yells out to the muscle cells, Are you ready? No thanks, her cells respond. We couldnt handle a mouthful more. Were not as interested anymore. Insulin replies, Fine, I will store, store, store in your fat cells.

    Theyre not so picky and always accept anything I have to offer. This scenario is the reason Janes waist is expanding. We may have over explained, but it is imperative that you get this fundamental point. Watch for Phytates Grains contain phytates that bind with minerals in Janes body and leech them out in her urine. Many people on high grain diets become mineral deficient. This shows up as dull, lifeless hair and skin and lack of energythe regular blahs. Excess carbs increase the depletion of B vitamins causing lack of energy, shorter temper, and bloating.

    Some of Janes belly bloat is not only due to the overgrowth of yeast and sugar in her digestive system from excess grain, but also from the difficulty she has in digesting the un-soaked grains. Were not saying you have to soak every grain or bean you eat. You do not need to worry about lentils and millet as they are lower in phytates. Oats are one of the highest in phytates, so we do suggest soaking them. But, dont beat yourself up. Were all busy women. Its unrealistic to always remember to soak grains. Poor Jane would need pots and pans of soaking grain covering all her kitchen counters to eradicate the phytates that are robbing her of her vitality and energy.

    When grains are reduced to a health promoting portion of the diet, this problem is no longer overwhelming. Well be honest. Serene soaks. Pearl usually forgets, or doesnt bother about it. Soy, Goodie or Baddie? Soy is not doing Jane any favors either. All the soy in Janes diet which she believes to be so health promoting could be a problem. A little tofu here and there doesnt hurt too much,. Her daily soy milk on her cereal is not only too high in sugars, because it has been pre-sweetened, but because it is full of phytates, which cause a large mineral leech for Janes body.

    Soys effect on estrogen levels in the body is not completely understood, but it has been shown to be a powerful aromatase stimulator.

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    That means it is an enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen. Russell Blaylock, a neuroscientist and widely read author, says in an interview in the book Knockout by Suzanne Somers: We know that breast cancers produce a lot of aromatase and things that stimulate a breast cancer also stimulate aromatase Soy massively increases aromatase, so thats a reason not to consume soy.

    Blaylock goes on to explain that soy has very high concentrations of fluoride, manganese, and glutamate. He says, We know that manganese, fluoride, and glutamate are terrible brain toxins and in my neuroscience journal, it shows that giving soy formula to children is associated with Parkinsons because of the manganese. Women have been lulled into thinking that eating and drinking all this soy is good for them, but it is loaded with manganese, which is a powerful brain toxin and has been shown to cause brain atrophy.

    Blaylock points out that most soy is genetically modified. There is increased evidence that GMO foods induce sterility. He cautions that young women who consume a lot of soy may find that they have trouble getting pregnant. In order to keep a well functioning metabolism, Jane should worry less about fat in her food and consider her thyroid. There are serious questions about soys impact on thyroid. A Japanese study found that soy consumption can suppress thyroid function and cause goiters in healthy people, especially in elderly subjects.

    European researchers found in one study that even a week of consuming unprocessed boiled natural soybeans caused changes to thyroid levels. Czech researchers, in a study that examined thyroid hormones and thyroid antibodies, found that even small differences in soy phytoestrogen intake can influence thyroid function, especially in those who are deficient in iodine.

    An increase means the thyroid is becoming hypo or less efficient. In a study published in the journal of Biochemical Pharmacology researchers concluded, It was observed that an extract of soybeans contains compounds that inhibit thyroid peroxidase catalyzed reactions essential to thyroid hormone synthesis. Its not our aim to march around holding We Hate Soy banners. Our approach to food hopes to avoid all extremes and that would include suggesting that someone never put soy in their mouths again. Soy is a controversial subject and while we have brought to your attention studies that show its negative effects, there are some studies that show the opposite.

    Jane could still comfortably use small amounts of naturally fermented soy in her diet, as fermented soy is. Jane could also eat a little tofu now and then or some soy beans. It is the constant barrage of soy in Janes diet that poses risks for the balance of her hormones. Like grains, soy enjoys too prominent a place in her diet. Jane has simply gone too far using soy crumbles to replace meat, soy milk to replace dairy, soy slices to replace cheeses on her sandwiches, and tofu to replace meat protein.

    It comes down to common sense again. Soy cheese looks processed and fake, smells processed and fake, and tastes processed and fake. Its sad that Jane has come to believe it is a better choice for her than the real thing, simply because it has less fat, is considered cholesterol free, and is not an animal product.

    Try This on for Size You dont often hear this, but the truth is that Jane would be better off adding more fat to her diet, including saturated fats! Retrial for Fat Americans have only gotten fatter since the low-fat, high-complex carb diet was recommended in the seventies and eighties. Saturated fat intakes have dropped substantially while bellies have grown bigger. Kind of makes you go, Hmmmm. We know there is much debate on this subject, and conventional doctrine says that eating saturated fat causes high cholesterol and makes you susceptible to heart attacks. However, science now reveals that high insulin levels generated from more high-carb and lower saturated fat diets causes plaque to be deposited in the arteries.

    A diet that is too high in carbs results in smaller cholesterol particles, rather than bigger. This is a problem, because bigger, fluffy, cholesterol particles are safer. They are less likely to slip through blood vessel walls and form dangerous plaque deposits. Bigger particles, nice healthy ones, form when a diet is tipped higher toward fat and lower towards carbs. Fats help lower glucose levels, which, in turn, result in lesser need for insulin, and these lower insulin levels have a more balancing effect on the cholesterol profile.

    It sounds crazy, but triglyceride levels can rise by simply eating too much fruit! Triglycerides are circulating forms of fat found in the blood stream.

    How To Grow A Beard - Top Beardbrand Styling & Growing Tips

    Most of us would think that a higher fat diet would raise triglyceride levels and a lower fat diet like Janes would lower them. Not so. A study in The Journal of Nutrition shows that reduced carb consumption consistently decreases triglycerides in the fasting state and in response to meals. Other studies continue to back this one up.

    Fats, including saturated fats actually lower trigs, while carbs raise them. This information is seldom heard because there is so much noise about how low-fat diets are the requirement for a healthy lipid profile. Poor Jane is stumped since she was told by her doctor that her triglycerides were close to on her recent blood test during a full physical. High triglycerides are a key warning sign of declining cardio vascular health and often precipitate both strokes and heart attacks.

    Any time triglycerides are over the first suspect that needs to be seriously checked out is a high-carb diet. Fat deprivation in diet causes many imbalances in the body, including loss of lean muscle mass and more fat gain around the middle. Jane is now experiencing this for the first time. Eliminating fat can actually cause a halt in hormone production, and this can cause cell abnormalities. Also, believe it or not, fiber is not the only important requirement for preventing constipation. Fat is necessary to stimulate bile flow which allows bowel action.

    Fat also helps to prevent heavy mood swings, is essential for brain function, and keeps skin soft and less lined. Real fats like butter, saturated oils, cream, and yes, even red meat, are essential for healthy hormone cells. Jane needs to include some of these, along with monosaturated fats like olive oil and nuts to obtain a more correct balance in her body. But, the best thing we like about fat is its satiety. It satisfies like no other food. Janes constant cravings could be curbed by simply adding an appropriate amount of healthy fat and pulling back on the excess carbohydrates.

    Sugars stimulate the appetite while fats suppress it. Studies have shown that high-carb foods can cause people to eat percent more calories at their next meal. Janes Turnaround Its going to take some convincing for Jane to change. Shell feel guilty, almost sinful, by adding foods like real cheese, cream, butter, and even red meat to her diet. Shell worry it will end up giving her a heart attack, but in actual fact, her triglycerides will most likely come down while her HDL healthy cholesterol will rise.

    Jane is not going to have to give up baking healthy treats with her older girls. She only has to be introduced to some new recipes that will be less stimulating to her hormone insulin. It will help satisfy her sweet cravings. At the same time it will help her slim down since it is much higher in protein and has a more healthy balance of carbs than the pancakes she is used to eating. Shell soon become familiar with new flours and her oven will be wafting all sorts of cinammony goodness. Shell find that she can still make delicious muffins and other healthy treats using flours from flax, coconut, or almonds.

    Switching to these forms of baked goods will help eradicate that thickness around her middle area. It will also have a more balancing effect on her blood sugar, suppressing the craving for dried fruit and sweets all day. Her constant bloated stomach will be less of a plague her. Her skin will plump up while her body will plump down and she will easily slide into her size eights again. Come on, Jane, you know this is the time for change.

    Feeling satisfied, rather than bloated and stuffed, is going to feel fantastic. Sue is a mother of two in her late twenties. Shes not that fond of cooking, but shes perfected mac n cheese from the box. Sue works part time. She is constantly on the go and her childrens ball games and school activities keep her out many afternoons. Sue and children are regulars at their local McDonalds drive through where her children order their happy meals and she fuels her caffeine fix with a 32 oz. This helps keep her energized until she gets home where she can grab a coke from the fridge. Sue has never thought much about nutrition until recently, but doesnt know how to change on her own.

    The conflicting information she hears from TV and sees on the titles of magazine covers at the grocery store has her so confused she tunes most of it out and figures worrying about that sort of thing is not for her. Shes just not the health-nut type. She figures that 10 pounds more on the scale will be the tipping point when shell scramble the money together and join Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig. Its sad because it leads to degeneration of the body, the common stereo type of a middle-aged person with too many pounds and too many prescription medicines.

    But, Sues own mother worked full time and there was never much of an opportunity to learn about wholesome home cooking. The white bread, soda, packaged foods, and sugary cereals in her grocery cart have always been a It doesnt dawn on her that they are such a problem. And, she wouldnt know how to replace them and wouldnt even know how to start.

    Should she buy rice cakes and smear them with margarine? Random thoughts like this cross her mind and leave her more confused than ever. Eating Less No Longer Works Sue developed a bit of a weight problem in her teens, but was able to keep it from getting out of hand by skipping meals. That may have worked in her teenage years, but it is making things worse now. Her weight has become more and more of a problem in the years since being married.

    Her metabolism has slowed down due to the habit of skipping meals. Now, it seems anything she eats goes to her hips, belly, and thighs. She has always wondered why she is overweight when she actually eats less than many other people she knows. Shes not a big breakfast person, aside from the occasional bowl of cereal, quick pop tart or a cup of coffee.

    She is still in the habit of skipping meals, mostly breakfast and sometimes lunch, but that causes her to eat most of her calories at night. This is when the munchies occur and she reaches for the Doritos or her childrens goldfish crackers. Her appetite wakes up for pizza. They order in pizzas a couple of nights a week, or go out as a family to the pizza buffet in their area. Its not like Sue pigs out. She usually never eats more than two to three pieces of pizza, but she always washes them down with a refill of coke. Missing Fruits and Veggies Aside from the odd banana, or the lettuce that accompanies a fast food hamburger, fruits and vegetables are quite rare in her diet.

    Sue never developed a taste for them. This makes her bathroom visits for number two infrequent and painful. Its quite common for Sue to go two to three days without being able to have a bowel movement. It is annoying to feel constipated all the time, but she has lived with it for so long that not eliminating for days is quite normal for her.

    She often has to resort to laxatives to find relief. Occasionally, Sue attempts to eat more healthily by opening a can of vegetable soup and throws in some fat-free oyster crackers. She even buys V8 juice now and then because she half believes the advertising that says it counts for a full serving of vegetables. She keeps orange juice in the fridge and tries to remember to have a glass or two for her fruit quota every other day or so.

    Shell eat a banana so they dont go bad when she buys them, but fruit is not her thing. Sue may put on a happy face, but her diet is contributing to problems in her marriage. Although her husband eats similar food and much more of it, he doesnt struggle with his weight. Sue is frustrated with her own accumulating pounds and is more and more uncomfortable with intimacy in the bedroom. Her husband takes this as a lack of interest, and though it may be true, Sues reluctance is more to do with her insecurity.

    She doesnt feel sexy and she purposefully sabotages intimate opportunities with her husband, blaming her indifference on fatigue and too much to do. She hasnt pulled out that lacy black teddy in a couple of years now.

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    Sues attitude to her sex life lately is lights out, lets get this over with. She doesnt actually say that, but her body language speaks loudly. Frequent headaches drag her down. A mild case of adult acne has set in, and this only adds to her insecurity. Heartburn is also a problem.

    She carries Tums in her purse and uses them frequently. Her doctor has given her a prescription for depression, but she doesnt like taking it. While it numbs her despair, it also makes her feel numb in many other ways, and her husband notices the depression meds make her lagging libido even worse. Everyone has heard that, but she is probably not aware that white bread and crackers are the same as sugar in her body. Even her glasses of orange juice and V8 are basically sugar in a cup. The packaged foods with all their additives, dyes, preservatives, and excess sodium are not doing Sue any good, but her real problem is sugar in all its deceptive forms.

    Shes not eating cakes all day, maybe a candy bar now and then, but the refined grains in her get-n-go diet are the major cause for her expanding waistline. Shed be surprised that the breading on her chicken nuggets, the pastry in her pop tart, the flakes in her Special K cereal are all sugar in her body. All these foods cause a higher level of glucose in her bloodstream than is optimum for lifelong weight control. The double whammy is that there is very little fiber in her diet to slow the rise of her blood sugar to anything other than a speed racer level.

    Carbohydrates in liquid form are the worst offenders. They rush straight into the blood stream causing the most rapid and dangerous spikes! Sue, like a large chunk of U. Those drinks may even be labeled fat free, but as we learned. In goes the soda or juice. Out surges the insulin to take care of the high glucose.

    Insulin knows where to put its load from constant, forced habitright in her fat cells. Goodbye, youthful figure! But theres hope. Sue can learn many delicious alternative drink choices to sugar laden soda that will contribute to a beautiful waistline and healthy skin. They will help purge her body from the onslaught of chemicals she has ingested over the years. Theyll even taste good, we promise. A Clean Slate The good news is that Sue has not been indoctrinated with too many food theories that are going to be hard to shake.

    She has tried to eat less to lose weight, but that seldom works for long. If she ends up joining a weight loss program, counts her calories along with fat grams, and slims down for a little while, its not likely to be a long term solution. Never feeling fully satisfied will bite her in the end. She will more than likely get sick of being constantly hungry and go back to Pizza Palace Buffet to get a fix. Nor will joining a weight loss club or ordering their expensive diet meals help to nourish the rest of her family.