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What is the significance of Serafino, the flying baby, in the book?

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Or in the devil. Or in God. It was easier for him to say what he didn't believe in than what he did" page How did the flying baby affect Dr. Clearly the story is set in Italy, but the author never says it specifically. Why do you think that is? How does Arcadio lose his voice? Ardor poses "a lot of questions" about love. What is it? With her husband Chris, and pug, Norman, she divides her time between London and Italy, where she finds inspiration for her novels.

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Authors in Orbit: Tyler Whitesides introduces his novel, The Thousand Deaths of Ardor Benn

Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview When a lonely olive grower, Arcadio Carnabuci, sows his love seeds, he cannot imagine the chaos his magic fruit will bring. This P. Series Edition description: Reprint Pages: Product dimensions: 5. Ardor A Novel of Enchantment. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. Available now wherever books are sold. Show More. Reading Group Guide Introduction A story set in the ancient town of Norcia about a lonely man who summons love into his life by planting magic seeds from a gypsy, Ardor is narrated by the most unlikely of observers -- a mule named Gezabel.

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Ada, or Ardor

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The book heavily revolves around grit, and it is a cool idea for a weapon that results in tons of weird fights where people are using the various effects to gain an upper hand.

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  • Although I loved the world and the plot, Ardon Benn was not flawless and as I got further and further into the book, a number of small issues started to snowball. First, the characters.

    ARDOR by James Ladd Thomas | Kirkus Reviews

    A key issue with this heist novel is that despite the book having multiple POV, more than one antagonist, and a number of side characters, there is really only one character of import in the story — Ardor Benn. Ardor is a great character himself, but the more time that you spend with his supporting cast, the more you realize that they have no depth and are only there to make Ardor look good. I was super excited to get to know Raek, a goliath of a man who is great at math, because his introduction was awesome. However, as the book progressed, Raek would disappear for hundreds of pages at a time — only to return when Ardor needed a cool tool or gadget that only Raek could make.

    Then there was the thief that Ardor partners with for this massive ruse, Quarrah. Both Raek and Quarrah has no depth at all, and I found myself very unmoved when they revealed their backstories later in the novel. The book is simply too long to spend that much time talking about one person.

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    The one additional problem that Ardor Benn has, besides some of it cast, is Tyler tends to over explain what is happening in the book sometimes. Tyler leaned a little to much into giving the reader full understanding and it turned a few passages that might have been thrilling into dull exposition. Despite ragging on it for two paragraphs, I want to stress that the plot and world of this book are one of a kind and I definitely still recommend it and will be continuing on with the series myself.

    This is a very impressive debut and Tyler Whitesides is clearly a talented writer with a lot of potential. However, there are still a few kinks in his writing and this book desperately needs some more leads to share the narrative load. Distant not just as another culture, but as another celestial body.

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    His breakthrough book in the English-language world, The Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony, is very nearly incomprehensible, but his book The Ruins of Kasch was boundlessly thought-provoking; his book on Indian mythology, Ka , was only faintly over-personal, but his book K. His approach is as unpredictable as it is idiosyncratic, and that drives drives book critics, enamored of admonition, practically nuts. Calasso understands that most of his Western readers will be unfamiliar with Vedic literature, and he does a very adroit job of simultaneously filling them in on the basics as he goes along and expounding — sometimes dreamily but always invigoratingly — on all of it.

    There is an immense variety of Vedic rites, but all — without a single exception — converge in one action: offering something in the fire.

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    Whether it is milk or sap from a plant or an animal according to certain texts, also from a human being , the final action is the same. For the Vedic ritualists, killing has not just to do with blood. For them — and they have persistently repeated it, time and again — every offering is a killing. A reference like that last one to offerings and killings , for instance, is bound to suggest a different story — and here, as elsewhere, Calasso displays a fine exegetical turn of mind:.

    The word offering or oblation appears for the first time in the Bible in reference to Cain. At that time man was allowed only to feed on the fruits of the land.