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Migrants urgently need to be included in global, national and local prevention and control strategies to support the elimination of malaria, following the spirit of Sustainable Development targets that aim for Universal Health Coverage, and in line with the objectives of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, and Resolution In Yemen, Thailand and Somalia, IOM has implemented multi-pronged evidence-based public health strategies, including interventions around vector control, distribution of long-lasting insecticide treated bed nets LLIN and behavior change communication campaigns to raise awareness around prevention and encourage treatment seeking behaviors, including drug compliance.

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In Paraguay, a country now certified by WHO as free of Malaria , IOM supported the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare in strengthening the National Strategy for the Prevention of the Reintroduction of Malaria, placing an emphasis on disease prevention, identification of potential cases, accurate diagnosis, treatment as well as the empowerment of resources and skills in the 18 health regions of the country.

Elimination of Malaria is possible…. But only when human mobility is considered. Content coming soon.

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In , there were an estimated million cases of malaria in 87 countries. WHO Watch IOM Health, mobility and borders video.

Malaria continues to be a global public health concern that disrupts development goal progress for many countries despite significant progress in reducing malaria cases and deaths around the world. Interestingly, cultural stereotypes, some profanities, and Spanish colloquialisms are used, adding to the realism of the video clips.

Universal issues such as the immigrants' longing for their cultural roots and difficulties in learning English are also addressed.

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The workbook supplements the primary content of the DVDs by providing additional grammar and vocabulary exercises, background information, and further grammatical and cultural explanations, which are also based on the sequence of episodes and exercises on the DVDs. Answers to exercise questions are in the back of the workbook. The links to the Web resources component of the course are accessible through the DVDs and include a course Website and the Recursos site. The course Website comes with an instructor's manual in portable document format PDF and provides additional interactive exercises and other resources introduced on the DVDs.

Students with Internet access can also access a list of relevant Web resources, such as online dictionaries and patient education materials, on the Recursos site.

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  • The DVDs have well-developed instructional design principles and applications: objectives, easy-to-follow installation instructions, trouble-shooting instructions, help screens, self-assessment exercises, explanations for graded quizzes, printable unit tests, and a time estimate for completing each exercise. In some activities, students can record their audio responses, redo exercises, review video clips and files, and save and print their responses. Exercises are available in multiple-choice and short-essay formats. However, the video clips cannot be fast-forwarded, and the translation button located on the bottom left-hand side of slides in all lessons is barely visible.

    Additionally, no feedback is available for some exercises, and viewing requires a lot of clicking to select answers and proceed in each section. The benefits of providing culturally relevant lessons for improving acquisition and comprehension of Spanish in a health care setting outweigh the technical flaws of the DVDs.

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    This bilingual course is well suited as part of a Web-based course or traditional classroom instruction. However, it is not recommended for self-paced study due to the length and intensity of materials. Los DVDs contienen una variedad de actividades interactivas y creativas incluyendo clips de video con una historia a estilo de telenovela. Cada DVD contiene dos unidades. El sitio Web del curso viene con un manual para el maestro en PDF y proporciona ejercicios interactivos y otros recursos introducidos en los DVDs.

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      Los niños y la salud mental

      Medicina Sanitaria. Buenos Aires: El Ateneo, Statement of Senator Edward M. Revista Perspectivas de Salud, Washington, v. Universidad de Alicante.