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Wow, some of y'all had some shitty dentists. I'm in my 30's and I still go to the same dentist I had since I was a kid! It's a bit more expensive, but he's the only one I will trust with my pearly whites.

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His bedside manner is the best. I don't know about the legality where you are, but I dealt with my fear of eyebrow waxing I don't know why, but I get really freaked out when anyone is even like a foot away from my eyes was to get stoned beforehand. After a few times, I didn't even need to get high not to freak out.

I just want to find that dentist and punch him. If a dentist ever said that to one of my kids, or any kid, and I heard it I can't say I wouldn't stick a needle in him and say the same thing. That's terrible. Typical N. She fed on your fear and pain. We like to call that being an emotional vampire. Check out the wiki tab for resources.

Best of luck! To be notified as soon as whydoievencallyou posts an update click here. I skimmed this I think I missed the bad part and will hide this post after. I can't do needles either. Unfortunately I have hypothyroidism, so I need blood drawn every year, and I hate it. I'm so sorry you went through this. I think with the tattoos which don't faze me either it's because it is on the surface. For me, the phobia is something entering my body, and taking what in supposed to be inside blood out, or putting foreign stuff in. Tattoos amount to just scratches on the skin with some ink involved.

This makes me so sad. I don't remember my first dentist, who fashioned a spacer for two teeth when the baby tooth between them fell out, so that they wouldn't collapse into the space. But the dentist I grew up with was such a good guy. My entire family, Mom, Dad, and all 6 of us kids would go together. I remember the really clean smell of the office, and waiting with excitement to pick out a toy from the basket after my checkup.

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Parents who take their kids to mean dentists deserve a special kind of hell, where the dentists extract all their teeth without anesthesia. And the next day, th teeth have grown back, and it happens all over again. I swear some dentists are legit sadists. I'm so sorry, he was a terrible person to do that to you.

I'm still scared of needles because of a debris visit, and that dentist was the kindest man! So god knows how you feel about it when yours was such an asshole. I will say, in solidarity, my orthodontist was absolutely horrifying. I had teeth pulled, and needed braces to align where the adult teeth would grow.

They had to let them grow in, then pull them backwards so they could put in some porcelain teeth in the gap I was missing some adult teeth in my skull. So I'd had these teeth pulled, and then my braces on once my adult canines grew in.

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My orthodontist was a very big man. I wasn't allowed to have anyone with me and honestly my mother would have been shitty and my stepfather hated me. So there I was, 15 nearly 16, staring at this Where's Wally poster above me on the ceiling. He says he needs to tighten everything afterwards and it may be uncomfortable. He's already stabbed my mouth a million times with sharp wires, he finally finishes attaching everything Only he didn't seem to be happy with how tight it was. So he put his massive elbow on my chest, right on my sternum, so he could pull them tighter.

I think I freaked out, but he had his hand in my mouth so it probably just came out as a squeak, and he fucking laughed. I couldn't eat solids for two weeks. Only soup. Now I'm terrified to go anywhere near a dentist. What is it with the asshole dentists? Our family dentist when I was small could unerringly jab the nerve when inserting the needle and it felt like fire until the drug kicked in. I thought it was always like this, and when we finally had a new dentist with a gentle touch, I actually cried at my first appointment.

Because it could have been different all those years. I am SO sorry. I went through something very similar with an evil orthodontist, and oral surgeon. My parents did the same thing, just kept bringing me back to the sadists. I too ended up with a terrible fear of needles, and dentists.

"Flu Shot Girl" is all grown up

You may one day be free of your fears. There are good, gentle, understanding dentists out there. You may be able to relax if you find a good one. I'm finally over my needle phobia after a stint in the hospital where I served time as a living pincushion. I don't even blink now. You may have some hopefully less unpleasant experience that helps you.

I went through this also as a child, horrid dentist! Thankfully I was lucky enough my mom knew my fears were legit and took me to a specialist who's forte was terrified patients. Now 30 yrs later I can actually relax when I'm at the dentist. Look into dentists that cater to this with many methods ie laughing gas?

Not sure what it was exactly but it has majorly helped my fears! From what I understand, if you faint it's the body's way of trying to conserve blood when you're 'wounded' so that your blood has time to clot. You would have been a pretty badass caveman and more likely to survive with those kinds of reactions! My husband responds really strongly like this - even just a blood draw, and he needs to stay seated or lying down for minutes or he'll pass right out! He's not afraid, it's just a bodily response he can't help. I don't know why I'm stupid and didn't realize it was a vasovagal response.

I have vasovagal attacks, but my triggers are all very different from needles usually getting too hot, but also pain and sometimes great emotion - yup, I'm that dumb bitch that faints at weddings , but OF COURSE it would be a vasovagal response, that makes so much sense! I'd rather faint at every visit just so I didn't have to deal with the panic of the entire visit. Make the visit that much quicker :D! God this is could be written about me. I'm not scared of needles, but the second you come near my mouth boy you better be prepared for a wrestling match because I.

Holy fuck do I hate it, and one of the reasons why? My mom. She wouldn't bring me to a new dentist who wasn't an ass until he did something wrong to my GC brother. Then suddenly she is listening and telling everyone how right she was to move us to a new guy because of the stuff they did to GC We did eventually find a great dentist, but fuck, I did not need that growing up.

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Sorry this happened to you, I'm glad you found a good dentist now! I had 7 baby teeth pulled because the adult teeth came in behind or in front, so their roots were still full. The one pediatric specialist dentist in town didn't believe in using enough novocaine or in letting the little he did use sit long enough to work. He yelled at me for sobbing every time and never let my mom in the room with me.

I already had trouble with needles before him; he gave me severe dental anxiety with all of that. I need xanax every visit, even just for a cleaning, or I'm a shaking, crying mess even though my current dentist is lovely. I don't blame my mom, she didn't know and I honestly didn't tell her because I was too ashamed after his yelling at me.

I've heard from a lot of people that they couldn't get tattoos because they hate needles, but honestly, it's nothing like being poked with needles. I'm glad to hear that your dad was sympathetic, but that dentist is straight fucked. That's a ridiculous thing to say to anyone, much less a child.

This really brought back memories of my childhood dentist and how terrible he was. I had to have 5 teeth pulled when I was about 9, 4 adult molars and one baby molar. My teeth were pretty overcrowded, I have a small jaw and they thought this would make more room and get my snaggleteeth to straighten out once the braces were in. So they take me into the room and my aunt doesn't come, she didn't want to I guess, thanks for the support.

Cry Baby Cry Part 2 - needle shots - video dailymotion

They put the numb gel on and all is good, but when I asked to see the needle with the novocain the doctor got annoyed, but he did show it to me and did the injections. At this point I wasn't crying but I was scared and didn't want to open my mouth again. The doctor said its ok we will test if the novocain is working. He sticks a tool in my mouth and touches my tooth, which I felt so I start to tell him it wasn't numb and he rips my tooth out!

I felt all that pain and was screaming and crying and it was terrible. His dental assistant decides to be helpful and hold me down with both hands on my chest, to which she comments "someone is becoming a woman" yes she decided that moment was the perfect time to comment on my tiny 9 year old boobs.

So he gets the second and third tooth out, deciding to leave the other 2 for a different day. I'm covered in blood from all the crying and drooling and screaming, I vividly remember having to throw away my neon green shirt and cut off jean shorts but my keds were ok. As I'm leaving the room he tells me "you can't come back until you apologize for yelling at me" to which I said he should apologize to me and walked out.

I don't remember what happened with my aunt or mom or anything after I got home but the clothes thing. I probably passed out from the stress. I never did apologize to that doctor and he did continue to see me. It wasn't until I was much older that I realized how messed up that whole ordeal was. But if I may offer some advice?

Try learning to embroider or hand sew. Because the needle if in YOUR hand, you have control and you might not be so nervous. It's a good way to expose yourself to the idea of needles. Also, embroidery needles are pretty thick and dull. It's pretty damn hard to penetrate your skin. Luckily needles for other things besides going into my body have zero effect on me. I truly do believe that my original dentist caused my fear because of how he treated me. I took my friend to the ER to get stitches and was taking a video and you can see in the video it start to wobble side to side.

I had to sit down because I knew I was getting faint. The dentist and his assistant were horrible at clearing my mouth out of blood and seeing it all over his hands has added to my fear of anyone with cuts, including myself. I never had problems with scraps and such as a kid up until that visit. I was 19 at the time, I went to a local dentist to have a cleaning. Not only did I get tricked into paying for x-rays and having a tooth drilled and filled, the dentist ignored me when I started crying out, "Ow! So yeah, I'm not a fan of dentists either, so I think the idea of ignoring someone who is in pain when it comes to teeth is a really fucking stupid idea.

I am so with you on this one, I can't even go to the office without sedation. Not least of the reason, we now know is that I am largely insensitive to lidocaine and novocaine and it wears off very, very fast. Hey, sorry you went through this OP. I have many of the same fears as yourself and I'm about to start CBT to see if it can offer me some relief from the anxiety.

You definitely owe it to yourself to get some help because these sorts of upsets get so much worse if you get sick: Take it from me, a person who has just started chemo. So, so sorry. That is horrible and what an effed up thing to say to a kid. Literally WTF. As many have already said, you are not alone.

I got queasy reading your post because YUCK needles are the worst. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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However, most will allow their parents to access their veins, she says. There are steps that parents and children with bleeding disorders can take to overcome needle phobia. While the anticipation of infusions may be a psychological issue, the discomfort of needle sticks is a physical one, says Guy Young, MD, director of the Hemostasis and Thrombosis Center at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles.

Cry of the Needle

Our bodies are laced with fine networks of veins and nerves. Every time a needle punctures the skin, it stimulates the nerves. Excess stimulation leads to pain. The pressure of liquid in a small space can then cause tissue and nerve damage. The good news, however, is that long-term nerve damage is almost unheard of, says Young. Fung has done research on techniques that reduce needle anxiety in children. Experts recommend you prepare for success. Next, choose a quiet room with muted lighting, Fung says.

Speak softly and soothingly. Encourage your child to look away from the needle during infusions. So choose your words carefully. Woodcock, who volunteers at two summer camps for children with bleeding disorders in upstate New York, allows younger campers to watch their older counselors access their own veins. Try letting your child stick you with a clean needle. When your child sees you handle it well, he will feel encouraged. A few years later, when Ziva, who has mild hemophilia A, fell down a flight of stairs and needed infusions, Shai wielded the needle.

Let your child make some choices without allowing him to decide not to infuse at all, Fung says. The familiarity calms him.