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Globalisation and the Nation in Imperial Germany. The Quest for the Lost Nation. Traduit par Alan Nothnagle. In Work in a Modern Society. New York, NY: Berghahn, Competing Visions of World Order.

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Sofia: Collective for Social Interventions, London: Routledge, sous presse.

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The Asia-Pacific Journal 12, n o 8 Japan Since From Postwar to Post-Bubble. London: Bloomsbury, Leiden: Brill, In Visualizing Cultures. Dower et Shigeru Miyagawa. Gender Struggles. Geschiere at uva. Training for Inequality.

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Seth M. Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies. Migrant Farmworkers in the United States. Jenks, et Scott Stonington. Durban and the Seafarers of the British Merchant Navy c. Quelles sont les alliances et les divisions qui existent entre eux? The Journal of Transport History , Thompson in South Africa.

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