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James Contraband, 2 W. Scott Country in Danger. Erckman-Chatrian Court Royal B. Olave's " Egoist, 2 G. Meredith Eve B. CollinvS Fallen Fortunes, 3 J. S86 Sll For Somebody's Sake, 3. Drewry For. Fortune and Glory. Gould General Bounce. Melville Alberts and Their iue. Reade Greville. A Season in Paris, 8.

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Ingelovv Samantha among the Brethern Kliot Silken Cords. Reade Sir Peregrime's Heir,. Elmo Evans- Wilson George and St. Michael, 3 G. Payn Thomas Wingfold, Curate, 3 G. Hannay Uncle John, 3 W. V Valentin, 2. Kingsley Valentine and His Brother, 3. Kingsley We Two E. Author; Title. James' St. Bate, R. Plea for U. East Africa Barrington.

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Graver Thoughts. Boyesen Story of Norway Boys Capt. Adventures of Verdant Green Benedict St. Vaughan's Heir Beresford r. Madcap Violet. Maid of Killeena " " " ''. Wise W.